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A Chinese Canadian restaurant in British Columbia.

Does anyone know where all of the Canadian authors/bloggers are? (A Chinese Canadian restaurant in British Columbia. Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I DON’T KNOW if all of the other writers in Canada are busy with their ‘writing writing’ — surely Ms. Atwood or Mr. Ondatjee would blog if they had the time — but it’s hard to find Canadian blogs about writing.

I do know that among all the things I do to distract myself from actually writing, reading blogs about writing is one I feel slightly less guilty about. It’s kind of like work.

So, this post is half plea from readers to find out where all the Canadian writer-bloggers are, and half promotion for the handful I’ve bookmarked.

Here they are, the Canadian blogs about writing I’m aware of and read:

Quick Brown Fox is a great site for emerging writers. The blogger, Brian Henry, is an east coast writing teacher who posts regularly about workshops, trends, contests and notes from agents seeking clients.

It is late last night the dog is speaking of you is the ‘daily dish of a literary agent’ who goes by Drea Cohane during the day and literaryagent007 at night. She blogs about books, writers, trends and the exciting life of agenting for The Rights Factory in Toronto.

Dean J. Baker‘s lovely little piece of the blogosphere features his original poetry and songwriting. I have no aspirations of being a poet, but his imagery is stirring and I find it most inspiring to know there’s a poet, and a Canadian poet at that, who is making a living from his writing.

FreelanceWritingJobs.ca is an aggregate site for job postings for those of us writers who have to take on copywriting and journalism gigs to help pay the bills. It’s updated daily and the postings include writing gigs from across North America.

Read Head (as you may be aware) is a blog by a Canadian writer writing about….writing. Read Head features reviews and interviews, tips and prompts, and reflections on the writing life in Canada. The author, Natalie Appleton, is also a freelance journalist and copywriter, and writing teacher/coach based in British Columbia. She has written a memoir about leaving everything behind for Bangkok, and is now working on a film adaptation of How to Meet a Nice Man from Medicine Hat. Shameless self-promotion, I know, but leaving my list at four blogs felt off.

If you know of and read any other blogs about creative writing by a Canadian, do share.